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Looking for GPS modules

I’ve been surfing the internet looking for ideas for my autopilot system. The most important sensor we need, is a GPS. Several important factors that influence my choice are:

  • Weight!
  • Accuracy
  • Update rate
  • Cost
  • Easy to use

Right now I found two candidates:
a Sirf Star III based module (1Hz update, 10m accuracy, 17 gram)

and some from µblox like the SAM-LS (4Hz update, 2.5mr accuracy, 23 gram) used by the paparazzi project. I prefered the SAM-LS because if it’s high update rate and great accuracy:

Unfortunately, it uses some weird flex cable to connect, so purchasing it could be a risk when I wouldn’t find the right connector. In the the RCB-4H (basically a development board; 17 grams and requires an active antenna) might be a better choice…

To be continued :-)

1 June 2006, 15:24 | Link |