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Overview: autopilot modules

I tried to list the most interesting autopilot systems.

Name Company Remarks
Paparazzi / A DIY project
AFCSV2.5 Rotomotion For heli’s
MP2028^g^ MicroPilot 28gr incl. GPS!
Phoenix o-navi Not including software?
TGE C. C. & design
Piccolo Cloud Cap Tech
PicoPilot uNav Mostly hobbyist-oriented?

This list is far from complete. Please contact me if you know other autopilot systems.


MicroPilot is a company solely focused on miniature autopilot systems. They also offer various add-on modules.


The o-navi company is specialized in navigation modules using MEMS sensors. Their top product is an integration of their IMU module in a full flight controller engine: the Phoenix

Tiny Guidance Engine (TGE)

Continental Controls & Design is a small company with one product: a small autopilot system. This includes the IMU-module with microcontrollor and ground control software. Their main client is the US army.


Cloud Cap Technology is a company with UAV-autopilot related modules as only interest. Their autopilot look very professional but big and heavy, compared to their IMU-modules.


This project aims to develop an autopilot under the GNU public license. While not that advanced (eg. stabilization is done using 4 thermophile sensors), it has proven to be very succesfull.


The roots of the rotomotion company lie in the autopilot project on sourceforge. Now, they sell a more advanced version of this project. As a plus, they also offer fully equiped UAV helicopters.


This company offers a very lightweight autopilot solution as a composition of various modules. It looks oriƫnted at the advanced RC-hobbyist.

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