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Overview: commercial IMU's

I tried to list the most interesting commercial available IMU-module. These can be interesting if you plan to develop your own autopilot(-software).

Name Company Size Weight Remarks
TrIMU Mavionics 40×40×14 15g
Atair INU Atair 38×50×19 45g
GyroCube o-navi 38×32×15 8,2g
uNAV Crossbow 57×45×26 33g Open source software
3DM-GX1 MicroStain 42×40×15 26g
TGE C. C. & design 30×30×18 13g Full autopilot?
Crista Sensor Cloud Cap Tech 28×29×15 8,5g
MP2028 MicroPilot 100×40×15 28g Full autopilot
6 DOF Sparkfun El. 51×51×23 21g With bluetooth link
MTi Xsens 58×58×22 50g RS232 & USB

I know this list is far from complete. Please contact me if you know other commercial available IMU’s.

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