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Sparkfun's 5DOF

After my experiments with the thermophile sensors, I decided to give Sparkfun ‘s 5DOF a try. Thermophile sensors worked well, but you need 6 sensors to be able to make nice turns. Then it becomes annoying and a lot heavier than this 5DOF module. It’s not that much cheaper eather (10$ per thermophile sensor, 110$ for the 5DOF).

Anyhow, after some troubles with the creation of the test board, it is finally done:

I also needed a new programmer to program the dsPic I’m planning to use. Ebay pointed me to a chinese ICD2 clone. Not bad :-)

Now the electronics side of the tests is finished, I can move on to the software side (Kalman filter!) which is more my cup of tea.

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