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Texas decadence?

Last friday I ordered 5 samples of a tiny smd op-amp from Texas Instruments. Very easy, no big fuss like the guys at Microchip are doing lately. I was very happy to see that they were shipping them with fed-ex and it would arrive on monday! They didn’t need to as samples are free, but well that was the only option :-)
They even put it in a huge box before they shipped it with fed-ex:

CO2 tax anybody?

(Oh yes, what did I order? A replacement for the AD8552 dual op-amp used in my thermophile sensor module. Analog didn’t give samples in the SOIC8 package. Texas Instruments did: the OPA2335
Note to self: + is Vss and – is Gnd ;-) )

6 August 2007, 00:28 | Link |
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