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New inertial sensor

Analog devices has created a new inertial sensor, the ADIS16355. It includes a 3 axis high precision gyroscope, and 3 accelerometers. On top of that, it includes digital I/O with some on-board basic sensor filtering. It’s target market are dead-reckoning applications such as car navigation when a GPS signal is lost.

Being a cube with a side of 23mm, it seems kind of big. Unfortunately no weight specs on the datasheet yet. For the very small MAV’s this might be too big, but for most autopilot systems this sensor will improve navigation performance!
Samples will cost $350, +1000 will be $250 per unit.

4 July 2007, 16:23 | Link |
  1. Damn. Now my last 8 months of work are obsolete.

    x, 27 August 2007, 17:36 | #

  2. Its weighs 17gm (the latest revised production version)

    Gaurav Gupta, 27 November 2008, 09:03 | #

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