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Autopilot eval board

Sparfun Electronics offers a solution for UAV/MAV enthousiasts. Their UAV Development Platform – ET301 + IMU .

It’s main features are

  • Build in GPS (antenna not included)
  • IMU (accelerometer + gyro) in 2 dimensions (pitch and roll)
  • PIC 18F ready to program :-)

Selling at less than 300$, it’s pretty cheap!
Some remarks and stuff I’d love to see changed in the next version:

  • The GPS isn’t the best available. uBlox GPS’s are a lot better.
  • Not really optimised for weight…
  • I wonder how easy it is to add other sensors.
  • Is a 18F PIC powerfull enough?
  • Doesn’t take advantage of the new 2-axis gyroscope in 1 chip.

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