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Texas decadence?

Last friday I ordered 5 samples of a tiny smd op-amp from Texas Instruments. Very easy, no big fuss like the guys at Microchip are doing lately. I was very happy to see that they were shipping them with fed-ex and it would arrive on monday! They didn’t need to as samples are free, but well that was the only option :-)
They even put it in a huge box before they shipped it with fed-ex:

CO2 tax anybody?

(Oh yes, what did I order? A replacement for the AD8552 dual op-amp used in my thermophile sensor module. Analog didn’t give samples in the SOIC8 package. Texas Instruments did: the OPA2335
Note to self: + is Vss and – is Gnd ;-) )

6 August 2007, 00:28 | Link | Comments

B-Hunter crash

A few days ago, a B-Hunter UAV crashed in Congo. Six people were slightly injured.

The B-hunter is a moderately large UAV developed by Israel Aircraft Industries for the Belgian army.

Now comes the funny part: the UAV crashed due to a software failure. Being developed in the northern hemisphere, the software wasn’t able to interpret the GPS data correctly on the southern hemisphere.

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Alexander vs. VS

Oliver Stone in een interview in de Metro, gedeelte film & “entertainment”:

De meeste imperiums maakten routes naar hun kolonies en namen de rijkdommen mee naar huis.
Amerika neemt nu de olie uit het verre Oosten mee en zuigt andere continenten zoals Zuid-Amerika leeg. Dat heeft Alexander nooit gedaan.

Wil Stone hier zijn politieke ideeën uiten, of worden deze feiten tegenwoordig als vanzelfsprekend beschouwd?
Feit is dat, als het aan Bush en de zijne ligt, de VS van plan is “hun kolonies” uit te breiden.

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